That's right, folks, the 2018 LMC Rehearsal Camp is scheduled for THIS Sunday, October 21, 1-7pm.  It is held at the Skyline Retreat Center, just west of the metropolis of Almont, MI.  Please plan on being on time (i.e. 5 minutes early) and staying all day- we get an insane amount of rehearsal and learning done.  

A snack is provided during rehearsal- usually cider & donuts- and dinner is provided afterwards. (We have 2 "gluten free" meals ordered for the guys who told me they needed it).

The cost for rehearsal camp is $20 per person, payable in cash or check at rehearsal camp.  

NOTE 1: My cell reception in Almont sucks, and there's a good chance my credit-card thingie won't work.  If you MUST pay by credit card, let me know on Sunday and we'll give it a shot- if it doesn't work, you'll have to catch up with me at the next rehearsal.  There is a map if you click on the "Contact" tab

NOTE 2: Rehearsal Camp takes the place of our "normal" rehearsal this week, and all LMC members are expected to attend.  If you cannot, or if the cost is prohibitive, please email me ASAP (

I'm afraid that's it for today.  I promise next week's MWM will be FAR more informative!

BSO! -cj

LMC Family Picnic, Google Group, Annual Meeting, First Rehearsal

Greetings, Gents!

Just a few things to go over today before the storms (supposedly) start.  A little rain won't be bad- the grass around where I live is a nice shade of khaki...

Regardless, let's get to it!


Reminder: The LMC Family Picnic is being 'hosted' this year by Jack Day, in combination with his annual Dream Cruise shindiggery!  

Date: FRIDAY, August 17 (Friday!  Not some other day as may have been implied earlier)

Time: 3:30pm - 10pm

Who: EVERYONE in the LMC Family (if you got this email, that's you!)

Who Else: Anyone who might be interested in JOINING the LMC family is especially welcome!

Music, burgers, brats, hot dogs, beans, coleslaw, snacks, keg beer, soft drinks, and ice cream will be provided.  If you would like to bring a dish, beverage, etc. please do so, but bring it in a disposable container- you don't want to lose a favorite plate!               

So that we know how much food to buy, PLEASE RSVP by August 15.  You can either do the online RSVP:

 Click HERE to RSVP!

...or email  and we will send you a map.  Let us know how many people you are bringing to help us plan & buy food!

There is off-street Reserved Parking available for (50) collector cars and a few motorcycles so let us know if you would like to bring one.

We can always use volunteers to help.  If you can help please let me know!  Thursday setup starting at 3pm, Parking on Friday, Sunday tear down 1:30pm.

Any questions, contact CJ Reynolds at 586-202-1280.

NOTE: Please do not bring chairs or anything else you may forget to take home.


IT, as in Information Technology, NOT "the-sewer-clown-turns-into-a-scary-spider-thing-and-eats-kids" movie from Stephen King (if that spoiled the movie for you, I'm extraordinarily sorry)

New webmaster and Bass extraordinaire Greg Forsyth has been working feverishly on a new website and a lot of new really cool IT related doodads for the LMC.  One of those new doodads is a Google Group- which will allow us to send out group emails much easier.

As this project is currently in the beginning steps, there will be more information to follow.  But for now, if you get an email invitation to join Google Groups- specifically from ""- please accept the invitation!  Future emails, including future editions of the MWM, will be coming from that group.  (Eventually- like I said, the project is just underway!)

Watch this space- more cool info to follow!


Remember to join us on September 9th for all sorts of cool things:

First, there will be a tour meeting for everyone interested in the 2019 International Tour.  (Due to down-payment requirements and decisions that need to be made on a schedule, attendance at this meeting may be mandatory for all singers going on tour- watch for more information in a future MWM)

Second will be the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Langsford Musical Society (LMC's "parent organization" - if you're ever having trouble sleeping give me a call and I'll explain why that is- I can bore anyone out of insomnia)... also, FREE FOOD if you come to the Annual Meeting!

Third is the first rehearsal of the 2018-2019 Performance Season!  One of the benefits of being the treasurer is that I get to see a lot of the set list before everyone else (they list the pieces on the invoice). IMHO the music for this term looks very good.  Come join/re-join us for what promises to be a great season!  And bring a friend!  Or 6!

Times for all the above will be sent out very soon,


NOTHING!  Well, at least not now.  But if you have ANY information you'd like to share with the group- concerts, programs, interesting bits of info- please send me (cj) an email and I'll be happy to include it in next week's MWM!


And that's about it for today!  

BSO! - cj

LMC's Mid-Week Musings! The June edition...

Greetings, Gents!

I hope everyone is enjoying the sweltering weather.  Nothing like that 1 lb per hour weight loss from all the sweat...

Regardless, let's have a little summertime Mid-Month-Musin' here...


  • Saturday, July 7 - LMC at Comerica Park (see below)
  • Sunday, August 12(ish) - Annual LMC Family Picnic 
  • Sunday, September 9 - Annual Meeting & First Rehearsal!


Although the chance to get tickets from Tony Thrubis has come and gone, it's not too late to join LMC and sing the National Anthem at Comerica Park on Saturday, July 7!  Although everyone who wants to sing must have a ticket, according to the official Detroit Tigers website there are tickets as cheap as $21 for a seat, and $19 for SRO (say, if you wanted to sing and then leave without watching the game)

If you're interested, send Dennis Landis an email!

"Official" Tigers website:


Need some help with this!  Between the time I called Royal Oak Parks & Rec and confirmed that Memorial Park (where we had the picnic last year) was available and when I made it there with the check, somebody swooped in and stole our date/time!  So I'm looking for suggestions for a place to have this year's picnic!  We're looking for a place that is:

  1. Within 5 miles or so of downtown Birmingham*
  2. Has a pavilion or at least some sort of protection from the sun
  3. Has a grill (for cooking hotdogs and hamburgers!)
  4. Can accommodate 50-100 people

If you know of a place that will fit the bill, let me know!

(*Last year I found a website that would show a central point between addresses.  I put in EVERYONE in LMC's address and our "center point" (i.e., the point on earth that is closest to everyone in the group) is just a little over a half mile west-southwest from Redeemer church.  So quite accidentally, Redeemer is at the center of LMC.  Which, logically, makes Birmingham and it's surrounding environs the most convenient to the most people.  Ergo the "within 5 miles" bit...)




 The month of June is when we are typically choosing the music for the Christmas concert, which we then tend to order the music in early July. We are always open to repertoire suggestions, so if you have any good men’s songs you know (especially specific arrangements that you’re aware of) please let me know as soon as possible so we can consider them when making our repertoire choices.


Just a word of caution though. Just because you suggest something doesn’t necessarily mean that we will end up singing that piece. And if your suggestion is not used, that does not mean that we didn’t give it serious consideration. We have to take many factors into consideration when choosing repertoire, and it is never personal. The bottom line is a musical one. Gary Reggio used to suggest pieces to me all the time, and since nobody knows every song out there, And though I didn’t always use his suggestions, I truly valued his them. And, we also value yours. So, if you have any ideas, please let me know. But please do it soon.








A note from Andy Walker:

Hi CJ:

My wife is having a 70th birthday party for me Saturday 6/23 at 4:00 PM are the details:

Date: Saturday June 23, 2018

Time: 4:00 PM

Address: 21750 Eastbrook CT, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236



Sue Walker 

(636) 697-5333 (Call or text)


I hope a few members of the LMC might be able to attend would you please pass this on?


Andy Walker

(636) 697/5331




And that's it!  I'll be sending out more info on the picnic as things get set in stone.  


And remember, if you have anything to add to the next MWM (expect mid-July), please don't hesitate to send it to me!  


So until then stay hydrated, don't do too much work in the sun, remember your sun-blocker and wear appropriate clothes to stay cool but protected from the sun if you gotta be outside...  basically, stay healthy in the heat!