That's right, folks, the 2018 LMC Rehearsal Camp is scheduled for THIS Sunday, October 21, 1-7pm.  It is held at the Skyline Retreat Center, just west of the metropolis of Almont, MI.  Please plan on being on time (i.e. 5 minutes early) and staying all day- we get an insane amount of rehearsal and learning done.  

A snack is provided during rehearsal- usually cider & donuts- and dinner is provided afterwards. (We have 2 "gluten free" meals ordered for the guys who told me they needed it).

The cost for rehearsal camp is $20 per person, payable in cash or check at rehearsal camp.  

NOTE 1: My cell reception in Almont sucks, and there's a good chance my credit-card thingie won't work.  If you MUST pay by credit card, let me know on Sunday and we'll give it a shot- if it doesn't work, you'll have to catch up with me at the next rehearsal.  There is a map if you click on the "Contact" tab

NOTE 2: Rehearsal Camp takes the place of our "normal" rehearsal this week, and all LMC members are expected to attend.  If you cannot, or if the cost is prohibitive, please email me ASAP (

I'm afraid that's it for today.  I promise next week's MWM will be FAR more informative!

BSO! -cj