The Preamble Edition

Greetings, Gents!



That's right guys, first rehearsal is a week and a half away!  Woot!

Enough with the exuberance, let's get to it!  

(This is a long one- I'm wordy today.  Sorry...)


  • Sunday, September 9, 4pm - LMC/LMS Annual Meeting

  • Sunday, September 9, 6:30pm - 1st rehearsal of the 2018-2019 LMC Season!

  • Sunday, October 21, 1pm - "Rehearsal Camp" at Skyline

(More important dates coming soon!)


You are respectfully invited to join us for the annual meeting of the Langsford Musical Society, Inc. ("Parent" organization for the LMC), which is scheduled for 4pm, Sunday September 9 at Redeemer.  We will most likely be in the "Great Room" - we've graduated from the "Better Than Average" room - which can be found down the hall and to the right from the Common Area (where we have coffee during breaks).  Everyone who is in LMC is also a member of LMS.  If you can make it, PLEASE come to the meeting!  An agenda will be provided at the meeting, but some of the topics to be covered will be:

  • 2017-2018 Treasurer's Report:
    • We made money  
    • That's honestly the whole thing right there
    • I'll try and put some shiny bells and whistles on it, but don't hold your breath.
      • Money is boring...
  • 2019 LMC Europe Tour:
    • A presentation on the 2019 Austria/Italy tour will be given at the annual meeting  
    • If you are planning to go- or are on the fence about it- PLEASE attend this meeting
      • Depending on attendance, it is very possible that the go/don't go decision may be made!
    • Our Tour Committee Chairman Andy Walker will be making the final presentation to the group 
      • He's done a TON of work  
    • Basic tour itinerary, costs, and payment deadlines will be presented at the meeting. 
  • Elections:
    • There will be empty spots on the LMC Board of Directors, as a couple of guys' terms will end at the meeting.
    • If you are interested/willing to help with the business of the chorus, PLEASE send an email to President Vince to let him know! (
    • Come for the information, stay for the feeds!  
    • In the past pizza and pop has been provided, the menu will probably be very similar.  
    • But hey- FREE! 

If there is anything YOU would like to see on the agenda for the Annual Meeting, send suggestions to Vince (


For returning LMC members dues are $50, payable by check made out to "Langsford Musical Society, INC", charge (Visa, MC, Amex, and I'm pretty sure Discover works too), or Cash.

Your friendly LMC Treasurer will have a table set up in the "Common Room" at Redeemer (where the coffee is) before rehearsal and during the break for the first couple of weeks.  Kindly don't try to hit me up during rehearsal- I've never claimed to be the sharpest pencil in the box and I'd really rather not mess things up!


Want an official LMC polo shirt?  Well, now you can buy one!  They're dark blue polo shirts with the LMC logo embroidered in white over the left breast.  Unfortunately, I don't have a good picture to show what the polos look like, but they're nice.  I'll try to remember to wear mine on 9/9, assuming it doesn't make me look like a sausage (it's a couple years old)...

Order forms will be available at rehearsal on September 16 & 23; orders and money will be due at rehearsal on September 30.  The order will be placed on October 1, and shirts will be distributed as soon as they're received.  (If you're not going to be at rehearsal but want a shirt, send me an email and we'll work out details!)

Buy lots!  They make great Christmas gifts!

(Orders for LMC windbreakers and a 2nd order for polo shirts will occur in January)


It's been a while since we've done a directory, so let's make sure we have the information correct!  Information sheets will be available at rehearsal- please look through the pile and find yours.  If anything needs correcting pens will be available.  Return your completed sheet to me (cj) before the end of rehearsal!

We're going to try and get the directory working and available to LMC members on our new website, but we'll probably be making a printed directory as well- for a little while longer anyhoo.  My goal is to have the printed directories available by mid-October.

NOTE: You will notice on the info sheet there is a new section for "Emergency Medical Information."  This is where you list anything you want us to tell the paramedics if you (God forbid!) become incapacitated during a LMC event.  THIS INFORMATION WILL NOT BE PRINTED IN THE DIRECTORY OR PUT ON THE WEBSITE!!!  It will ONLY be available to the guy compiling it (me), and in a sealed "In Case Of Emergency" envelope that we will keep in our concert prep/equipment kit.  Feel free to put down as much or as little information as you think appropriate.

If you're wondering why we're doing this: they asked for the same information for my kids' band and choir.  If it's reasonable for a bunch of 14 year olds, it's more than reasonable for a bunch of (mumblemumble) year olds.


We would like to put a targeted ad on Facebook in an attempt to find some new guys in our area who might be interested in joining us.  I'm good at being wordy (as you may have noticed), but brevity just isn't my thing.  IF, on the other hand, brevity is your forte, please take a shot at this:

I need a single paragraph, 4-5 sentences maximum, saying who we are, how wonderful we are, and why someone should join us.  It should be followed with an invitation to join us at a rehearsal and/or to see our website.  

If you think you've got a good submission, please send it to me!  Please send me an email by next Wednesday (9/5) with your submission.  All submissions welcome, and the author of the one chosen will receive a substantial prize*.  

*(Probably a cookie.)


A HUGE thank you to Jack Day for including LMC in his Dream Cruise picnic this year.  We had a reasonably good LMC turn out- I have a feeling the threat of poopy weather kept a lot of guys away.  Jack & his wife (Nannette?  I'm sorry if I spelled that one wrong, Jack) were incredible hosts, and his house is a great place to have a garden party.  A great time was had by all who made it.



NO other news this week!  If YOU have something you'd like me to include in a future edition of the MWM, please don't hesitate to send me an email!  Announcements, non-LMC concerts, anything you think the guys would be interested in are great!


AAAANNNnnndd that's about it for today!  Tune in next week for another exciting edition!  Same LMC-Time, Same LMC-Channel!