National Talk Like a Pirate Day

Greetings, Gents!

Did you know today (September 19) is "National Talk Like a Pirate Day?"  To celebrate I was going to try and do this all in Piratespeak... but no.  

Reg-aarrrrrr-dless, let's get to it!


Sunday, September 30, - International Tour Deposit DUE

Sunday, October 21, 1 pm - Skyline Rehearsal Camp

(More important dates coming soon!)


As the saying goes, it is now time to "fish or cut bait."  (I wanted to use the one about "...or get off the pot" but Steve said no).  

If you are going on the 2019 International Tour the first payment/deposit is due before or at rehearsal on Sunday, September 30.  Unfortunately that is a "drop dead" date- i.e., no deposits can be accepted after that.  A go/no-go decision MUST be made early that following week.

Deposits can be made in one of the following ways:

CHECK: A check in the amount of $1,500 per traveler, payable to the Langsford Musical Society.  This is the preferred method.  

CHARGE: A surcharge of 2.75% will be added to the deposit (to pay the SquareUp (our credit card vendor) fees).  The charge will therefore be $1,541.25 per traveler - $1500 deposit, $41.25 convenience fee.
CASH: ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Your friendly neighborhood treasurer is frequently unarmed and does not feel comfortable walking around with that much cash.

The go/no-go decision will be made mostly based upon the number of singers available. Checks will be held until the decision is made.  If the international tour is not possible in 2019, checks will be returned and credit-card charges- including the fee- will be reversed at the next rehearsal. 

If you are not going to be at either of the next two rehearsals but want to go on tour, I must receive a check from you by the deadline.  In other words, mail it soon- no later than next Tuesday!  Check made out to Langsford Musical Society, mail to CJ Reynolds, 23455 Hagen, Macomb MI 48042

Note: PLEASE do not combine your tour deposit check with dues or CD sales- ONLY the deposit for the tour should go on that check.  CD sales and Dues should be paid using a different check or credit card purchase (or cash- just NOT for the tour :).


9/23 - Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child


9/30 - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

10/7 - Greensleeves

There's PLENTY of time left in the term to memorize the music, however it is ALWAYS great when everyone knows their music early!  Rehearsals should be used to perfect the music, not to learn it!  So spend a little time going over your music, and listen to those rehearsal CDs!  If you didn't get a rehearsal CD yet, you can download the tracks from the "members" section of our website!  Speaking of which...


It's alive! ALIVE!!!

Please take a minute and take a look at the all-new, revised and shiny LMC website!  While there is still a bit of work to do - blanks to fill in, videos, music, some info- we should shoot huge thanks to webmaster Greg Forsyth for all the work he has done setting this bad boy up!  

ESPECIALLY take a little time and peek at the "Members" section (found under "About Us" on the menu bar).  Therein you will find all sorts of cool information, from copies of the Musings, to an upcoming events calendar, and even downloadable copies of our rehearsal tracks!

Password hint for Members section: Brothers Sing On, and the year LMC came to be (1999).  Should be 7 digits long, no spaces, the three letters capitalized.

Less subtle password hint for Members section: it's  BSO1999


I am SO happy that we ran out of music!  That means we have new guys!  Always a good "problem" to have!  Buuuut.... we ran out of music.  That part is actually kinda bad I suppose.  An order has been placed with JW Pepper, and we should have most of the new copies in by this Sunday.

Unfortunately a few pieces are on the "coming eventually" list.  So here's what we're going to do:  there's a wee bit of wiggle room that will allow us to make copies of the delayed music.  At rehearsal on Sunday any piece we don't have 'official' copies of will be available in photocopy.  Once the "official" copies come in make sure you trade in your knock-off for an original, and all will be happy.


At last week's Board of Directors meetings, the following su... GENTLEMEN... were voted in as Officers for LMS/LMC:

  • President: Kirk Jude Goddard

  • VP: Strat Calagias

  • Secretary: Dennis Landis

  • Treasurer: CJ Reynolds

Joking aside, thanks to those guys, to the rest of the guys who volunteer on the board, and everyone who does anything to keep LMC afloat.  As with any organization there's a lot of behind-the-scenes work to be done, and these guys get it done with aplomb.  


An enormous thank-you from your friendly neighborhood treasurer to all the guys who have already paid or talked to me about their dues!  Makes my job SO much easier!

If you haven't had a chance yet, returning LMC members dues are $50, payable by check (made out to "Langsford Musical Society"), charge (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover), or cash.  I'll have a table set up in the "Common Room" at break.


(From before): It's been a while since we've done a directory, so let's make sure we have the information correct!  Information sheets will be available at rehearsal- please look through the pile and find yours.  If anything needs correcting pens will be available.  Return your completed sheet to me (cj) before the end of rehearsal!

(New): Also, I appreciate everyone who has turned in their corrected directory information!  You guys have really rocked it out this year.  This Treasurer stuff is becoming easy-peasy!


Want an official LMC polo shirt?  Well, now you can buy one!  They're dark blue polo shirts with the LMC logo embroidered in white over the left breast.  

(Updated info): We've had issues getting prices for new shirts!  Therefore we have to push the LMC Swag program back a bit.  Order forms will be available at rehearsal on October 7 & 14, and orders and money will be due at rehearsal on October 21.  The order will be placed on or about October 22, and shirts will be distributed as soon as they're received.  (If you're not going to be at rehearsal but want a shirt, send me an email and we'll work out details!)

Buy lots!  They make great Christmas gifts!

(Orders for LMC windbreakers and a 2nd order for polo shirts will occur early in 2019)

NO other news this week!  If YOU have something you'd like me to include in a future edition of the MWM, please don't hesitate to send me an email!  Announcements, non-LMC concerts, anything you think the guys would be interested in is more than welcome!

AAAANNNnnndd that's about it for today!  Tune in next week for another exciting edition!  Same LMC-Time, Same LMC-Channel!

BSO!  - cj