National Lumberjack Day

Greetings, Gents!

Did you know that September 26th is National Lumberjack day?  I did not.  But I'm still OK...


Regardless, a lot of informative stuff- some new- this week, so let's get to it:


  • Sunday, September 30, - International Tour Deposit DUE

  • Sunday, October 21, 1 pm - Skyline Rehearsal Camp

  • (More important dates coming soon!)


As mentioned before, ALL gents who want to go on the 2019 Austria/Italy tour MUST make their first $1500 payment no later than rehearsal this Sunday, September 30! 

CHECK: A check in the amount of $1,500 per traveler, payable to the Langsford Musical Society.  This is the preferred method.  

CHARGE: A surcharge of 2.75% will be added to the deposit (to pay the SquareUp (our credit card vendor) fees).  The charge will therefore be $1,541.25 per traveler - $1500 deposit, $41.25 convenience fee.

CASH: ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Your friendly neighborhood treasurer is frequently unarmed and does not feel comfortable walking around with that much cash.

9/30 - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


10/7 - Greensleeves

Should Be "In the Bag":

  1. Jesus, What a Wonderful Child 

There's PLENTY of time left in the term to memorize the music, however it is ALWAYS great when everyone knows their music early!  Rehearsals should be used to perfect the music, not to learn it!  So spend a little time going over your music, and listen to those rehearsal CDs!  If you didn't get a rehearsal CD yet, you can download the tracks from the "members" section of our website!  


That's right, folks, the 2018 LMC Rehearsal Camp is scheduled for Sunday, October 21, 1-7pm.  It is held at the Skyline Retreat Center, just west of the metropolis of Almont, MI.  Please plan on being on time (i.e. 5 minutes early) and staying all day- we get an insane amount of rehearsal and learning done.  As Almont is a bit of a drive from Redeemer, now is a great time to find a travel buddy (or more) and carpool.  A snack is provided during rehearsal (usually cider & donuts), and dinner is provided afterwards. The cost for rehearsal camp is $20 per person, payable either at our normal rehearsal on 10/7 or 10/14, or at rehearsal camp.  If you want to pay using a credit card, please do so at one of our "normal" rehearsals- the cell reception in Almont isn't always super great, and there's a chance my credit-card thingie won't work.  If you plan to wait until 10/21, please pay with cash or check...  There is a map if you click on the "Contact" tab

NOTE: Rehearsal Camp takes the place of our "normal" rehearsal on Sunday 10/21, and all LMC members are expected to attend.  If you cannot, or if the cost is prohibitive, please talk to me (cj) ASAP.


Please take a minute and take a look at the all-new, revised and shiny LMC website!  While there is still a bit of work to do - blanks to fill in, videos, music, some info- we should shoot huge thanks to webmaster Greg Forsyth for all the work he has done setting this bad boy up!  

ESPECIALLY take a little time and peek at the "Members" section (found under "About Us" on the menu bar).  Therein you will find all sorts of cool information, from copies of the Musings, to an upcoming events calendar, and even downloadable copies of our rehearsal tracks!

Password for Members section:  BSO1999


At this week's rehearsal I'll have some LMC Info Cards.  Please take some and put them in your wallet!  If you ever happen to run across someone who might be interested in coming to hear us, or better yet to join us, you can give them this and they'll have all the info they need...

I can't tell you how many times we've sung in a pub somewhere and people will ask, "Who are you guys?"  Great way to let them know!

bizness cards.jpg

As you may have noticed above, the LMC has a phone number now.  While working on the website project, Greg found that Google offers non-profits (like us!) a free telephone number.  For now it goes to voicemail.  Greg or one of his flunkies (just me so far) will get the message then pass it on to whomever is appropriate.

In the future we hope to use this phone number for a lot of things... like to give LMC members a number to call to notify us you won't make it to rehearsal.

Stay tuned for more info!

(248) 592-7455

You can even text to the number


An enormous thank-you from your friendly neighborhood treasurer to all the guys who have already paid or talked to me about their dues!  Makes my job SO much easier!

If you haven't had a chance yet, returning LMC members dues are $50, payable by check (made out to "Langsford Musical Society"), charge (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover), or cash.  I'll have a table set up in the "Common Room" at break.


If you haven't already done so, please return your corrected/completed info sheet to me (cj) before the end of rehearsal.  If you HAVE already done so, thanks!


Want an official LMC polo shirt?  Well, now you can buy one!  They're dark blue polo shirts with the LMC logo embroidered in white over the left breast.  Order forms will be available at rehearsal on October 7, 14 and 21 and orders and money will be due at rehearsal on October 28 (date changed to avoid taking orders at Rehearsal Camp)  The order will be placed on or about October 29, and shirts will be distributed as soon as they're received.  

Buy lots!  They make great Christmas gifts!

(Orders for LMC windbreakers, polo shirts and possibly some other LMC swag will occur early in 2019)


Today is also National Pancake Day and National Dumpling day!  Not as funny as Monty Python, but still something to consider...

Other than that, there's no "Other News."  If you have any information you would like to share with the group, PLEASE send it to me (cj) so we can include it in future MWMs.

And that's about it!

BSO! - cj